Wooden Fence Design Options

Take a look at what these wooden fence options have to offer and you can be a weekend or a few hours away from starting your very own wooden fence project.

Every fence needs a gate and this wooden fence gate is a great idea when you have the occasional wide passage needs. Consider a wide gate when you have a riding lawn mower or if the kids have a wagon.

You can open the gates during high traffic times (unless you have pets in the yard) and then close them after the company has gone for the day.

More Most Budget Popular Wooden Fence
One of the most convenient and flexible forms of wooden fencing is the expanding modular fence kits you can buy online.

I have a couple of expanding lattice fences that are free standing. I love that I can move them around wherever new plants need a wind break or a sun screen. They are similar to this design, but I paid three times the price of these, so you can grab a bargain here: Wooden Expanding Fence

The are also really good for keeping pets contained in their areas when guests are at the house, and also to corral your guests and aim the traffic flow in the directions you want for BBQ and garden parties.

They are not supposed to actually constrain anyone, as they can be knocked over or pushed aside by anything bigger than a cat, but they are a great visual deterrent or guide for where you want everyone to stay on their own side of the fence!

If you need to firmly keep baby, kids, dogs etc in or out of a specific area inside the house, you are better to use the gateway kits that fit in doorways of the house.

Choosing the Wooden Fence for your property
Find the most suitable rated Wooden Fence of all. When you want a fence for design and partition rather than privacy, then this visit the link http://homeguides.sfgate.com/styles-privacy-fences-54787.html for a great range of options.

You can create a ‘section’ in your yard where you can set up a dining table or a conversation area.

Why not partition a spot for a bed swing or a hammock. You can keep the high traffic down in areas where you have delicate plants.

You can also use a partition fence to distract from the eyesores in the yard such as the air conditioning unit or the water reclamation system.
Which Is The Best Wooden Fence For You?
The Different Types of Wooden Fence you can buy or build can be compared online.
If you are not sure yet just what kind of fence you think will suit your property and garden best, you should consider getting a couple of top quality books with plans and illustrations to help you make a better informed choice.

Fencing is a big investment if you are creating it for the property boundaries, so its worth the time and money invested to make sure your choice is one that you will still love in the years to come, and that improves the value of your property.


Wood Fence Installation Tips: Installing Posts and Pickets

Wooden Fence Maintenance:
Save money by protecting your investment. Cleaning your wooden fence is an important part of maintenance. Long life to your fence is partly about treating the wood and partly about a routine cleaning. You can add years of life to your wooden fence by keeping it clean and well treated with a water resistant treatment (stain, paint, wax).

Choose the right cleaning technique for the treatment you use. See the label on your wood treatment (stain can for example) to find the best way to clean the wood treated that way.