What can tree services do for me?

Tree services often bring to mind cutting down unwanted trees, or dealing those that have been brought down in a storm – infrequent, extraordinary events. Hiring an arborist in Melbourne to inspect and undertake work on your tree for more mundane things can seem like a waste of money, but there are a variety of reasons why you might need an expert. Here are just some of the services on offer to help you get the best from your tree.

tree services

Tree pruning

There are many reasons why a tree might need pruning. The most obvious is removal of deadwood – when a tree limb naturally dies, it will fall from the tree on its own, creating a safety hazard. Deadwood can also unbalance your tree.

The look of your tree will be improved without dying limbs, and shaping is another way to prune your tree to create the view you want. Lower branches can be removed to fit garden furniture underneath, to prevent children from climbing up, or to give better access to other parts of the garden.

The crown and canopy at the top of the tree can also be pruned to increase sunlight below the tree and help prevent it from blowing over. This isn’t a task that can be performed haphazardly, as incorrect selection of branches can be damaging to the health of the tree and make it even more likely to fall.

It’s important that pruning work is done properly, and an expert arborist will be happy to tell you at which time of year it is safe to carry out work on your particular species of tree.

Tree cabling

Sometimes, a tree doesn’t need measures as drastic as cutting. If caught early enough, preventative steps can be taken to keep your tree growing healthy and strong.

Tree cabling is a way of bracing the trunk and branches together to redistribute the weight of the tree. It is particularly necessary for trees with open canopies or multiple trunks, such as certain species of oak. These cables can also help trees that have already started to split from their own strain, or trees that are becoming a nuisance from drooping towards your home or driveway.

Once braced, an arborist can perform the annual checks needed to make sure that the cables are functioning properly and aren’t too worn. This is usually just a quick, visual inspection that can be done alongside other work that your tree might need.

Stump removal

If you need a tree removed, you’ll need to think about what to do with the stump. Leaving it is an option, but it will need treating to prevent regrowth, and it’s still possible for it to develop fungal rot in the roots. Dealing with it for good will solve these problems, and give you more space in your garden.

While some people might be capable of doing it, removing a tree stump is time-consuming and hard work. There are various methods available, and some require harsh chemicals that you wouldn’t want to store around pets and children. The best one depends on the type of tree; for example, digging out the stump is easier for trees with shallow roots, such as maples or willows. An arborist can identify the best method, and has the skills and equipment to take care of it for you.

These services and more can be undertaken by an expert arborist. Don’t be tricked into false economy – it’s usually safer for you, and healthier for the tree, than leaving it or doing it yourself.

According to Tree Removal Newcastle, some trees can also help in tree trimming techniques that are incredibly effective. They help to eliminate diseased or dead parts and promote new growth. They offer valuable suggestions to improve the appearance of plants and trees.