Tree Stump Removal Melbourne

If you are looking for a tree stump removal Melbourne service then you will need to weigh up your options, understand the reasons behind why the stump should be removed, whether it is a safe and achievable process and what you should look for in a tree and stump removal company. 

Tree Stump Removal Melbourne

If you have just recently cut down a tree there is a high chance that you may not have removed the stump at the same time. You might ask yourself why you should bother? But there are actually many reasons why you should take the time to remove them. 

  • They ruin land and garden aesthetics
  • Weeds and other plants can start growing out of them
  • They take up valuable space
  • They can be a tripping hazard

Although removing a tree stump may seem like an uncomplicated task it is important that factors such as removal method, council approval and land care are all understood and implemented.

Council Approval 

Some councils are more lenient than others allowing small and medium trees and stumps to be removed but in general, it is best to check. In some cities like Adelaide, you can remove most trees unless they are massive in size and considered a ‘significant tree’. Other cities like Melbourne and Brisbane, councils use vegetation overlays to show citizens which areas are protected. 

Stump Poisoning

Chemical poisoning of tree stums can be a very effective removal method although the land care factors surrounding this should be considered. Most poisons will infect the land surrounding the stump as well, therefore making it very difficult to plant any other plants or grasses in this area in the future. Some companies offer environmentally friendly poisons but they are few and far between. 

Stump Grinding

This is a great way to remove a stump, although having access to the tools and equipment needed is not always so easy. If you are looking to DIY your stump grinding, it is recommended that you have appropriate safety equipment and understand how to use a tree stump grinder effectively. As this can be a dangerous operation, it is generally best to employ someone in the Melbourne area that is versed in this and can complete the job quickly and safely.

Stump Burning

Similar to poisoning, burning stumps can cause problems with the land surrounding it and council permits may need to be acquired if burning in protected or high fire-risk areas. Due to Melbourne’s history of bushfires, it is recommended that this method be avoided. 

Digging The Stump Out

This process is very labour intensive. Without thermal imaging equipment and other technology, you may also find it difficult to understand how deep the roots of the tree run and it may become an impossible task. The goal is to expose as much of the root system as possible, especially the larger roots. After this then you should be able to dig around these roots and eventually loosen the whole stump itself.

Rotting The Stump Away

Similar to poisoning the idea is to kill the tree stump to make it easier to remove. But this time instead of using chemicals, you can encompass the natural microbiology of the land. You will need to drill holes into the stump and then fill it with nitrogen-rich substances. This can include things such as food compost and blood meal. Although the process will be slow and no doubt very smelly, it is a great natural way to remove your stump. 

Overall there are many factors that should be considered when it comes to stump removal in Melbourne. Basically, you should live by the motto ‘if in doubt, get the experts to help out!’