Everything You Need to Know About Melbourne Landscaping Design

Landscaping is a process of beautifying a garden or home through various architectural interventions. A good landscape design is defined through its uncluttered look and clean edges. Also, the final view should be perfect, with its landscape design style being a perfect fit for the specified property. 

Modern landscaping doesn’t entirely require the use of plants for the whole process. Rather, it requires the use of both hard and soft landscaping, as well as various principles of design and Feng Shui. Most times, a landscaping design features patios, concrete walkways, steps, etc. All these are made from various materials. 

That said, you should note that a landscape is designed to complement the existing architectural layout and style of a building. In this article we’re going to outline a few of the different types of landscaping features that are trending in 2021.

Types of Modern Landscaping

You could perform landscaping on several parts of your home to boost its aesthetic appeal. Most people tend to incorporate various principles of Feng Shui to bring out their home’s color and architectural prowess. Here are some of the different types of landscaping: 

  • Hard Landscaping.

Hard landscaping is the installation of foundations and features that aren’t foliage. For example, installing a walkway or lighting feature. It’s used to lay the foundations for soft landscaping to take place.

  • Native Australian Plants. 

The great thing is, native Australian plants tend to be really low maintenance and have a range of species available. Many of these types of plants thrive in Melbourne’s climate. Not everyone likes the look of these types of plants, so it’s important that you stick with your intuition to uncover which design will work best for you.

  • Sustainable Landscaping. 

The idea of this type of landscaping is to use plants that work and grow together, while benefiting the environment with increased greenery. This process is known as companion planting and allows plants to cross-pollinate and fend off pests. It also gives your landscape a powerful and vegetative look. 

Reasons why people Modern landscaping is Important. 

landscaping is essential for many reasons, especially when you want to make your home welcome to business partners or relations. The best way to get a stellar design that’s closest to what you’re envisioning is to hire contractors who have a reputation for being transparent. Companies like Desired Landscapes have a strong name for themselves in the community of Melbourne. 

Here’s a few reasons you shouldn’t overlook installing new gardening and landscaping features in your home: 

  • Your Home Feels More Welcome. 

When you get back home from work, walking into a basic porch or front yard can be disheartening. There are chances that you feel tired easily and low self-esteem because your home doesn’t seem welcoming in any way. However, a well-designed garden feature is proven to produce mental health benefits as an externality.

  • To Increase the Market Value of Your Property

Planting flowers and trees in your front yard and backyard will not only boost the natural aesthetic appeal of your property, but it also has the potential to increase your market value if it’s planted in a way that is attractive to potential buyers. 

  • Helps You Relax in Your Home

Everyone loves to be comfortable, especially in the presence of nature, with the calm breeze, fresh air, and amazing birds flying around. A properly designed garden feature can transform your property into an outdoor sanctuary. 

Benefits of Modern landscaping in your home. 

  1. You have control over the entire landscaping process. 
  2. Landscaping allows you to manifest your inner creativity. 
  3. The entire process brings out the beauty of your home. 
  4. Landscaping ideas make your home welcoming and friendlier to guests. 
  5. You get excited when coming home from work. 


Landscaping is a professional method of bringing out the beauty in your home. One great thing about garden designs is that you can do it yourself if you have the expertise and patience to do so.  If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments.