Green roof systems; what is it and why?

The principle of the green roof system (also called: green roof, green roofing or eco-roof) has existed since prehistoric times. It consists of covering a flat or sloping roof with a vegetated substrate (above 25 °, substrate retention techniques will be used to prevent erosion). Numerous experiments carried out in Europe since the 1970s have…

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Everything You Need to Know About Melbourne Landscaping Design

Landscaping is a process of beautifying a garden or home through various architectural interventions. A good landscape design is defined through its uncluttered look and clean edges. Also, the final view should be perfect, with its landscape design style being a perfect fit for the specified property. 

Modern landscaping doesn’t entirely require the use of plants for the whole process. Rather, it requires the use of both hard and soft landscaping, as well as various principles of design and Feng Shui. Most times, a landscaping design features patios, concrete walkways, steps, etc. All these are made from various materials. 

That said, you should note that a landscape is designed to complement the existing architectural layout and style of a building. In this article we’re going to outline a few of the different types of landscaping features that are trending in 2021.

Types of Modern Landscaping

You could perform landscaping on several parts of your home to boost its aesthetic appeal. Most people tend to incorporate various principles of Feng Shui to bring out their home’s color and architectural prowess. Here are some of the different types of landscaping: 

  • Hard Landscaping.

Hard landscaping is the installation of foundations and features that aren’t foliage. For example, installing a walkway or lighting feature. It’s used to lay the foundations for soft landscaping to take place.

  • Native Australian Plants. 

The great thing is, native Australian plants tend to be really low maintenance and have a range of species available. Many of these types of plants thrive in Melbourne’s climate. Not everyone likes the look of these types of plants, so it’s important that you stick with your intuition to uncover which design will work best for you.

  • Sustainable Landscaping. 

The idea of this type of landscaping is to use plants that work and grow together, while benefiting the environment with increased greenery. This process is known as companion planting and allows plants to cross-pollinate and fend off pests. It also gives your landscape a powerful and vegetative look. 

Reasons why people Modern landscaping is Important. 

landscaping is essential for many reasons, especially when you want to make your home welcome to business partners or relations. The best way to get a stellar design that’s closest to what you’re envisioning is to hire contractors who have a reputation for being transparent. Companies like Desired Landscapes have a strong name for themselves in the community of Melbourne. 

Here’s a few reasons you shouldn’t overlook installing new gardening and landscaping features in your home: 

  • Your Home Feels More Welcome. 

When you get back home from work, walking into a basic porch or front yard can be disheartening. There are chances that you feel tired easily and low self-esteem because your home doesn’t seem welcoming in any way. However, a well-designed garden feature is proven to produce mental health benefits as an externality.

  • To Increase the Market Value of Your Property

Planting flowers and trees in your front yard and backyard will not only boost the natural aesthetic appeal of your property, but it also has the potential to increase your market value if it’s planted in a way that is attractive to potential buyers. 

  • Helps You Relax in Your Home

Everyone loves to be comfortable, especially in the presence of nature, with the calm breeze, fresh air, and amazing birds flying around. A properly designed garden feature can transform your property into an outdoor sanctuary. 

Benefits of Modern landscaping in your home. 

  1. You have control over the entire landscaping process. 
  2. Landscaping allows you to manifest your inner creativity. 
  3. The entire process brings out the beauty of your home. 
  4. Landscaping ideas make your home welcoming and friendlier to guests. 
  5. You get excited when coming home from work. 


Landscaping is a professional method of bringing out the beauty in your home. One great thing about garden designs is that you can do it yourself if you have the expertise and patience to do so.  If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments. 

Tree Stump Removal Melbourne

If you are looking for a tree stump removal Melbourne service then you will need to weigh up your options, understand the reasons behind why the stump should be removed, whether it is a safe and achievable process and what you should look for in a tree and stump removal company. 

Tree Stump Removal Melbourne

If you have just recently cut down a tree there is a high chance that you may not have removed the stump at the same time. You might ask yourself why you should bother? But there are actually many reasons why you should take the time to remove them. 

  • They ruin land and garden aesthetics
  • Weeds and other plants can start growing out of them
  • They take up valuable space
  • They can be a tripping hazard

Although removing a tree stump may seem like an uncomplicated task it is important that factors such as removal method, council approval and land care are all understood and implemented.

Council Approval 

Some councils are more lenient than others allowing small and medium trees and stumps to be removed but in general, it is best to check. In some cities like Adelaide, you can remove most trees unless they are massive in size and considered a ‘significant tree’. Other cities like Melbourne and Brisbane, councils use vegetation overlays to show citizens which areas are protected. 

Stump Poisoning

Chemical poisoning of tree stums can be a very effective removal method although the land care factors surrounding this should be considered. Most poisons will infect the land surrounding the stump as well, therefore making it very difficult to plant any other plants or grasses in this area in the future. Some companies offer environmentally friendly poisons but they are few and far between. 

Stump Grinding

This is a great way to remove a stump, although having access to the tools and equipment needed is not always so easy. If you are looking to DIY your stump grinding, it is recommended that you have appropriate safety equipment and understand how to use a tree stump grinder effectively. As this can be a dangerous operation, it is generally best to employ someone in the Melbourne area that is versed in this and can complete the job quickly and safely.

Stump Burning

Similar to poisoning, burning stumps can cause problems with the land surrounding it and council permits may need to be acquired if burning in protected or high fire-risk areas. Due to Melbourne’s history of bushfires, it is recommended that this method be avoided. 

Digging The Stump Out

This process is very labour intensive. Without thermal imaging equipment and other technology, you may also find it difficult to understand how deep the roots of the tree run and it may become an impossible task. The goal is to expose as much of the root system as possible, especially the larger roots. After this then you should be able to dig around these roots and eventually loosen the whole stump itself.

Rotting The Stump Away

Similar to poisoning the idea is to kill the tree stump to make it easier to remove. But this time instead of using chemicals, you can encompass the natural microbiology of the land. You will need to drill holes into the stump and then fill it with nitrogen-rich substances. This can include things such as food compost and blood meal. Although the process will be slow and no doubt very smelly, it is a great natural way to remove your stump. 

Overall there are many factors that should be considered when it comes to stump removal in Melbourne. Basically, you should live by the motto ‘if in doubt, get the experts to help out!’

How to get a Stump Removed From Your Property

Why get a stump removed on your property? Stumps are unattractive and may start to ruin your property. They can make your home look sad and abandoned and take up valuable space at your property’s edges. As many of today’s houses are built on high ground, it makes sense to have stumps removed so that your home is not left looking old, unattractive and lonely. Most of our modern houses are built from hardwood; however, this hardwood does not last forever. With the continued growth of our country, our land has become more fertile. It is natural for the wood to decay over time.

Why Are Tree Stumps an Issue?

Stumps that grow on the sides of Melbourne homes are a big problem as they can cause damage. They cause the ground under them to rot, and the damp soil can cause mould and mildew. This makes the home look shabby, unsanitary and unattractive. Local Council’s and Parks departments usually have their websites where you can search for a company to remove the stump. Many times the local council will offer a great deal to remove a stump for free.

How Do I Determine Whether or Not a Tree Stump is Dangerous?

If you are unsure if a stump is dangerous, then you should call your local council and see if they can provide you with advice. If the commission decides that a stump is unsafe, they may ask you to take steps to remove it yourself. However, if the council can not remove the stump for you, they may ask you to pay a small fee and have a crane to remove the stump for you. This can make sense because you may be risking your health if you dig at the stump for hours.

A lot of removal companies can also come to your home and remove the stump for you. They may ask you to pay a fee for this service. It may be wise to have the removal company come to your home to get rid of the stump so that you do not have to worry about any damage occurring.

Where Can I Find Competent Tree Stump Removal Services in Melbourne?

Removal companies will often offer you a contract; however, you should read through it thoroughly before signing it. And check if there are any conditions attached to the removal of the stump. For example, there may be a period that needs to take down the stump or a fee that needs to be paid—paid before the removal of the stump. Stump removal Melbourne companies like KingFisher Trees are usually very reasonable with their pricing. However, you should also expect to pay for the labour that is required to remove the stump. It is essential to understand the contract and to find out if there are any fees for the removal of the stump before agreeing to any company. This will allow you to know precisely what you are signing. After the removal of your stump, you should clean and treat the area so that the stump does not become a safety hazard again.

How Do I Apply to Get a Tree Stump Removed?

If you have the correct paperwork, the local authorities will have the right to dispose of the stump. They will need to show that you are in breach of a bylaw concerning it. If you are not sure that removal companies in Melbourne are trustworthy, you should firstly check with the Department of Community Safety. They will be able to help you with this matter. They can give you advice on which companies are reputable. Removal companies will usually come to your home to remove the stump for you; they may also send a crane to move the stump for you. If the crane cannot remove the stump, they may ask you to pay for the crane to remove the stump. This may be a way for them to ensure that the stump is not damaged further.

Where Can I Go For More Information?

If you’re looking for more information on tree stump removals, it never hurts to do your own research. Call around to your local tree removal companies and they’ll be able to provide you with the best information on getting a stump removed from your property.

How to find the best Tree and Stump Removal services?

Plants and Trees are the best part of the nature that make you bind to purity and gives you the best and ultimate benefits. We get numerous advantages from the trees and the best thing about them it’s a multi-use of the products and their by-products as well. At once when you are getting the ultimate and extreme benefits of the tree on the other hand sometimes you might have to face some of the crucial difficulties by them. There are trees grown around you that are planned and properly planted by the people in a specific arrangement but there are some that self-grew and cause you some problems as well.

Sometimes the overgrown trees are also another problem that can be a little tricky to manage. In these situations, you need to think about getting them managed by the help of Urban Arb tree removal service providers. At this stage, you need to find out the best tree and stump removal services provider in town who can help you with managing the things around your property easily. The following can be the ways that can help you to find out about the good services providers.

Check out the journals

In the commonly published journals, there is whole information about different companies and services providers in order to provide that best and ultimate options to you. It is one of the most reliable sources that can help you with the best options as you are not just getting the names but the suggestions and reviews on the companies and services providers. Journals can be an authentic source to select the best one for you as you need to figure out the ultimate options on the first hand so you will get the job done as soon as possible.

Look for suggestions                                                                                                                 

If you are not comfortable with the options you have got in the common journals or advertisements then you can look out for the other suggestions by the people around you. The people around you such as family members, friends and colleagues can help you to know about the best available options in the market for the tree removal. This is a kind of tricky task so you need to ensure the best professionals so you will not have to regret later on.

Search online

The Internet is the best facility that you have to find out anything that can help you with the best resources and get the ultimate things and stuff to your account. To find out the Tree and stump removal services you can simply make a search online that will help you to get through the things in the better way. You may also find out some of the blogs and special communities that can help you with the better options and advice as people use to discuss such matters online. In the groups and communities, people love to discuss the companies in order to have better experiences.


What can tree services do for me?

Tree services often bring to mind cutting down unwanted trees, or dealing those that have been brought down in a storm – infrequent, extraordinary events. Hiring an arborist in Melbourne to inspect and undertake work on your tree for more mundane things can seem like a waste of money, but there are a variety of reasons why you might need an expert. Here are just some of the services on offer to help you get the best from your tree.

tree services

Tree pruning

There are many reasons why a tree might need pruning. The most obvious is removal of deadwood – when a tree limb naturally dies, it will fall from the tree on its own, creating a safety hazard. Deadwood can also unbalance your tree.

The look of your tree will be improved without dying limbs, and shaping is another way to prune your tree to create the view you want. Lower branches can be removed to fit garden furniture underneath, to prevent children from climbing up, or to give better access to other parts of the garden.

The crown and canopy at the top of the tree can also be pruned to increase sunlight below the tree and help prevent it from blowing over. This isn’t a task that can be performed haphazardly, as incorrect selection of branches can be damaging to the health of the tree and make it even more likely to fall.

It’s important that pruning work is done properly, and an expert arborist will be happy to tell you at which time of year it is safe to carry out work on your particular species of tree.

Tree cabling

Sometimes, a tree doesn’t need measures as drastic as cutting. If caught early enough, preventative steps can be taken to keep your tree growing healthy and strong.

Tree cabling is a way of bracing the trunk and branches together to redistribute the weight of the tree. It is particularly necessary for trees with open canopies or multiple trunks, such as certain species of oak. These cables can also help trees that have already started to split from their own strain, or trees that are becoming a nuisance from drooping towards your home or driveway.

Once braced, an arborist can perform the annual checks needed to make sure that the cables are functioning properly and aren’t too worn. This is usually just a quick, visual inspection that can be done alongside other work that your tree might need.

Stump removal

If you need a tree removed, you’ll need to think about what to do with the stump. Leaving it is an option, but it will need treating to prevent regrowth, and it’s still possible for it to develop fungal rot in the roots. Dealing with it for good will solve these problems, and give you more space in your garden.

While some people might be capable of doing it, removing a tree stump is time-consuming and hard work. There are various methods available, and some require harsh chemicals that you wouldn’t want to store around pets and children. The best one depends on the type of tree; for example, digging out the stump is easier for trees with shallow roots, such as maples or willows. An arborist can identify the best method, and has the skills and equipment to take care of it for you.

These services and more can be undertaken by an expert arborist. Don’t be tricked into false economy – it’s usually safer for you, and healthier for the tree, than leaving it or doing it yourself.

According to Tree Removal Newcastle, some trees can also help in tree trimming techniques that are incredibly effective. They help to eliminate diseased or dead parts and promote new growth. They offer valuable suggestions to improve the appearance of plants and trees.

Loving Geraniums

How could someone NOT love geraniums. There is just something so comforting about this old fashioned flower. My grandmother… all of hers were planted in my grandpa’s tobacco cans.

Watching Your Geraniums Bloom

Now can you find a prettier flower than this and the blooming time never seems to stop!

Did you know…
…that there are meanings associated with every flower? Comfort is the word associated with the geranium. Does that fit for you??

It’s been a really rainy summer where I live and obviously the flowers don’t like all that moisture. They are beginning to look really bedraggled. Tomorrow I’m going to move them to a spot in the garden that receives the most sun. (They are in planters in case you are wondering). Hopefully a few days to dry out will bring them back.

Most types prefer full sun and will bloom at their best in these kinds of conditions. Geraniums prefer a pot (or in the ground) that offers loose soil that drains well.


What you need to know about geraniums

You can call me frugal or plain sentimental, but I have been overwintering the same geraniums for years now. I love their colour; I love that come spring they are landscape-size and full of blooms.

A reader emailed to say she was saddened to see a huge pot of geraniums, given to her when her Mom passed away, blacken and die when Jack Frost arrived. The reader spends several weeks in Florida, so bringing the potted plants indoors for the winter is …


Bring new life to geraniums

“Geranium” is now reserved for the hardy perennial geraniums. Pelargonium are frost-tender “geraniums.” The most commonly grown, for a long season of summer flowers in sunny garden sites and containers.
Geraniums, echeverias and other tender succulents, flowering Maples or Abutilon and tropical plants like bougainvillea, Mandeville and jade plants will all suffer and die when the weather turns frosty.

Our women’s group sold geraniums for Mother’s Day a few years ago and we were quite surprised at the response. There didn’t seem to be any middle ground. People either loved them or hated them.  Leave a comment below and tell us what you think.

Tips for growing healthy geraniums

1. Geraniums can be poisonous for some individuals. Symptoms to look for are skin irritation, redness of the skin and skin swelling. Severity of symptoms vary depending on how much is ingested.

2. The roots of the plant have astringent qualities and have in the past been made into salves.

3. Geraniums can be removed from the ground and stores in a cool dark basement during the winter months, and then replanted the following spring.

4. Geraniums don’t like to get their feet wet, so you might not want to plant them in clay soil, but if you do, be sure to add plenty of stones to the whole to aid in drainage.

5. Chocolate Mint geraniums unfortunately don’t smell like chocolate mint. The term refers to the colour pattern.


Growing Geraniums : Problems with Geraniums

Using fertilizer and pesticides will prevent many problems with your geraniums. Get tips for avoiding common geranium growing problems in this free landscaping video about how to grow geraniums. By ail Thompson Contact:


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